The Little Square Revolutionizing the Credit Card Processing Industry

As a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of accepting credit cards as a form of payment from your customers. Statistics show that doing so increases the volume of each individual customer's order and the number of customers who place orders, not to mention the absolute necessity of accepting cards if you're running an online business. Make the comparison of square vs paypal and take the best decision of your payment gateway for your online ecommerce store. Processing credit cards and merchant accounts is complex, and most small business owners feel overwhelmed by the various gateways, processors, and fee structures involved in accepting card payments. It can be very difficult to get a straight answer when asking for a quote; And many small business owners have discovered that the prices they list aren't always the exact fees they pay for credit card processing. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, a small "box" may be the solution. With this box, you can accept credit cards from anyone with no contract and no monthly fees. Talk about revolutionizing the payment processing industry!

class reader

The square is available to everyone free of charge. It's literally a little plastic box that plugs into your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Once you've filled out Square's online form, you can download the free app to get it going. You link your bank account to receive funds, and once set up, simply enter the amount you want to charge, swipe your customer card through the little box, and the payment is processed. Square Reader users pay 2.75% per transaction as a unit usage fee – regardless of how many credit cards they process per month. Payments from the card you pay with are credited to your bank account every day.

The difference between Square and other iPhone apps

Mobile credit card processing is not a fancy idea. There are hundreds of apps that allow iPhone and other smartphone users to use their phones to process card payments on the go. The main difference is that most other mobile credit card processing companies require a merchant account, contract and commitment period. Anyone can do Square (employed or not) without a credit check, and it doesn't require a dedicated merchant account to work. There is also no processing limit on the amount that can be accepted through Square.

Field security

Like all credit card processing systems, Square has identity theft and security issues to consider. Square's software and products are PCI compliant and trusted by VeriSign. Square's servers and network are operated in a 24/7 monitoring facility, the software complies with industry standard security practices expected of all financial software, and Square employees have security policies in place to ensure the safety of your and your customers' personal data. Must work according to which credit cards you process.

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